Fasting from Wrong Thinking

A couple of weeks ago I had this idea, (which I believe God confirmed was from Him,) to fast, not from food, but from thinking “I don’t know what to do” and from trying to figure out what to do about a certain situation in my life. And every time a thought came about “what . . . → Read More: Fasting from Wrong Thinking

Is Fear Keeping You from Your Destiny?

I am so thankful to God for setting me free from so many fears over the last few years. But as I began working on this blog and as I face a lot of uncertainty in my life right now, I am noticing fear trying to creep in again. I do not want to be . . . → Read More: Is Fear Keeping You from Your Destiny?

God’s Thoughts, satan’s Thoughts and Our Thoughts

This short article by Dr. Mark Virkler posted on Koinonia Network provides a very simple way to test our thoughts to determine if they came from God, from satan or from ourselves.

Satan’s Thoughts: Spontaneous Thoughts Which Are Negative and Destructive (i.e. line up with the names of satan: Accuser, Father of Lies, . . . → Read More: God’s Thoughts, satan’s Thoughts and Our Thoughts


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