Fasting from Wrong Thinking

A couple of weeks ago I had this idea, (which I believe God confirmed was from Him,) to fast, not from food, but from thinking “I don’t know what to do” and from trying to figure out what to do about a certain situation in my life. And every time a thought came about “what to do,” I was to dismiss the thought and to focus on God instead— to think about His goodness and faithfulness, to think about and declare His promises. And then to praise Him and thank Him that the answer was on the way.

So I began to fast and was surprised at how often I am actually thinking about this situation. I even find myself dreaming about it and thinking about it in the middle of the night. But once I am aware of my dreams or thoughts, I dismiss those thoughts and instead concentrate on Jesus.

I have never heard of anyone doing this kind of fast so I was excited when I came across this website called, which is leading people in 40 day fasts from wrong thinking. I am taking the challenge and doing the 40 day fast. Please leave me a comment if you join the fast also and we’ll share our testimonies in a few days.

From the website:

From the Inside Out
Daily Simple Steps to Lasting Change from Gregory Dickow Ministries
“As a man thinks within, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7
The Fast from wrong thinking is a revolutionary approach to identify and conquer thought patterns, mindsets and mentalities at work to defeat you.

Thought 1 –
Today we begin a 40-day journey of “fasting” from wrong thinking; “fasting” from failure to success; from mediocrity to greatness. We will eliminate mentalities of failure and adopt mentalities of success. Fasting from wrong thinking begins with believing that: As a man thinks, so is he. So, let’s THINK God’s way and experience His success.


Today we’re fasting from the thought that says: “If things were different, I could really succeed.”

We dream of what we would do IF… if I had a better education; if I wasn’t tied down to this mortgage; if the economy was better; if people treated me better; if God would come through for me; etc. Notice the common thread of failure:  IF.

1. Drop the “IF”. Stop waiting for things to get better, before you make them better.  Give up the excuse of “if only.”  “If only I had this, or if only I had that.”

2. FACE life as it is.  But don’t ACCEPT it as it is. The four friends of the paralytic couldn’t find a way in the house, because of the crowd (Mark 2:4). So they went up on the roof.  They found a way, where there was no way.  They didn’t accept life as it was, but faced life as it was, and experienced the will of God.

3. Recognize YOU HOLD the power to do something with your life,
regardless of the economy, your upbringing, your past mistakes. God has given you SEED to plant (your words, your choices, your money, etc.). Begin each day sowing a seed of faith, joy, love or hope.  You have a smile—use it.  You have a mouth to speak God’s Word; to declare His praise—do it.

4. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions. Ecclesiastes 11:4  “He who watches the wind will not sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap.”  Don’t wait for the stock market, or real estate or the media to get better, before you do what you know to do.  Make your life better by sowing the right seeds, beginning TODAY.  Make good choices TODAY.

5. FORGET NONE OF HIS BENEFITS. Focus on the good you already have; what God HAS already done.  (Psalm 103:2-4)  He forgives all. He heals all. He redeems us from all destruction. The old hymn says: “For He has done great things. He has done great things. Bless His Holy Name!”

I don’t need things to be different before I succeed. I will make them different. I have the power to sow the seeds of a better life. I will not just accept whatever life brings. I will face it with faith and find a way through it.  I will remember what God has done. He pardons all my sins. He heals all my diseases. He crowns me with victory. He satisfies my life with good things so that my youth, vitality and outlook on life is refreshed and renewed.

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